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New Tools Enhance Meeting Efficiencies

In an effort to enhance IETF participants’ meeting preparations, the IETF Tools Team has made a few different tools related to the IETF meetings avalable during the first part of this year. The working pages under now provide HTML versions of all the WG agendas, including links to uploaded slides. This should provide a one-stop-shop for everything associated with an individual WG meeting, and has been made possible by the early access to presentations which the Secretariat’s new materials upload tool provides.

In addition, the overall meeting agenda at has been enhanced so that IETF meeting attendees are able to view the layout of the meeting venue online and locate WG meeting rooms by clicking on the room number next to the WG meeting time.

IETF Meeting Calendar Generator Here you willl find agenda for upcoming IETF meeting, complete with check boxes for marking sessions you want to attend. An individualised calendar file for the week of the meeting will be created from this information, which can be downloaded and included in your preferred calendar application. The calendar tool has been tested using iCal, Outlook and Google calendar).

A future addition of the Calendar Generator will allow you to ‘change your mind’ when creating your individual IETF meeting calendar. After opening, you will be presented with your previous choices and given the opportunity to change your selections.

Other tool news, not directly related to the meetings:

Searching for Documents by Name.

On the left margin of the tools pages at you will find now a search function that allows you search for any string (including the RFC number) in the title of an RFC or Internet-Draft. The results will offer html versions of the matching documents.

Later this summer the Tools Team hopes to release a Notification Service (‘send me e-mail when this draft or charter changes’), which is intended to make it easier to keep track of changes in documents or WG charters. This tool will provide a selective notification mechanism for general use, complementing the IETF announcement mailing lists. It will include RSS and ATOM feeds from the available XML meta-information about Internet-Drafts, RFCs, and WGs. This format will make it possible for individuals and tool-builders to better interface with information from the IETF standards process in a well-defined manner. Over time, the notification tool will produce a complete history of document and charter changes, WG agendas, and minutes.

The Tools Team is always interested in feedback about current tools or any wishes you may have. The team can be reached at [email protected].

A full list of all chartered work items and their status can be found on slides presented by Henrik Levkowetz (PDF).