IETF64 Review: New ‘Birds of a Feather’ (BoF) Meetings


Date: December 7, 2005

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Descriptions and agendas for all BoF meetings can be found at

Applications Area:

  • xmlpatch – XML-Patch-Ops BoF
  • iee – Internationalised Email and Extensions BoF

General Area:

  • pesci – Process Evolution Consideration for the IETF BoF
  • techspec – Requirements for IETF Technical Specification Publication BoF

Internet Area:

  • softwire – Softwire BoF (met for the second time)
  • netlmm – Network based localised mobility BoF (met for the second time)
  • 16ng – Ipv6 over IEEE 802.16(e) Networks BoF

Ops/Mgmt Area:

  • callhome – Reversing Traditional Client/Server Conn. Model BoF

Routing Area:

  • gels – GMPLS Controlled Ethernet Label Switching BoF
  • sidr – Secure Inter-Domain Routing

Transport Area:

  • voipeer – VoIP Peering and Interconnect BoF
  • fecframe – FEC over Transport Framework BoF

Security Area:

  • dkim – Domain Keys Identified Mail BoF (met for the second time)
  • emu – EAP Method Update BoF