Words from the IAB Chair – October 2011

By: Bernard Aboba

Date: October 6, 2011

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The IETF 81 Technical Plenary included a report on World IPv6 Day organized by Leslie Daigle, as well as a series of presentations on the Web Privacy Tustle, organized by Alissa Cooper. World IPv6 Day presentations included reports from Facebook (Donn Lee), Google (Lorenzo Colitti), Yahoo! (Igor Gashinsky), Telefonica (Carlos Ralli Ucendo), and Cisco (Mark Townsley). For the session on the Web Privacy Tustle, Jens Grossklags, Fred Carter, Andy Zeigler, and Alissa Cooper provided their thoughts.1

The IAB held its annual retreat 12–13 May 2011, at VeriSign in Sterling, Virginia. During the retreat, the IAB reviewed the Programme and Initiative framework that it put in place during last year’s retreat, and agreed to commit to the framework as an organizational tool going forward.

Programmes are long-term activities that are scoped and managed by the IAB and expected to continue over multiple IAB terms. These include IANA Evolution (led by Olaf Kolkman), Internationalization (led by Dave Thaler), ITU-T Coordination (led by Andrei Robachevsky), Liaison Oversight (led by Spencer Dawkins), Privacy (led by Alissa Cooper), and the RFC Editor (RSOC) (led by Joel Halpern).

Initiatives are short-term activities that can be completed in one tenure, usually resulting in an RFC, statement, or presentation. These include IPv6 for IAB Business (led by Bernard Aboba), IP Evolution (led by Danny McPherson), HTTP/Web Evolution (led by Jon Peterson), and DNS (led by Jon Peterson).

Minutes of the IAB retreat have been posted2 and since the retreat, a description of each programme and initiative, as well as the membership list, has been made available on the IAB website.3

One of the topics discussed at the IAB retreat was interactions with governments. In the months since the retreat, those interactions have continued. On 28 July, the IAB responded to the “Internet Assigned Numbers Authority Further Notice of Inquiry” from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration.4

On 16 September, the IAB sent a letter relating to global interoperability in emergency services to the European Commission.5

Another topic discussed at the IAB retreat was liaison management. In response to “Some IESG Thoughts on Liaisons,”6 the IAB drafted a reply,7 and began acting on the recommendations. In August, Scott Mansfield was appointed as IETF Liaison to ITU-T for MPLS (replacing Stewart Bryant), and John Drake was appointed as IETF Liaison to ITU-T SG-15 for the optical control plane (replacing Adrian Farrel). Previously, on 30 June, the IAB announced the appointment of Eliot Lear as the IETF Liaison Manager to the ITU-T (replacing Patrik Falström).

The IAB extends its thanks to Adrian, Stewart, and Patrik for their service to the community.

On 29 June, the IAB announced a Call for Comment on “The RFC Editor Model (Version 2).” Joel Halpern is revising the document to incorporate feedback from the community. The search for an RFC Series Editor, first announced in July,8 continues.

The IAB has issued draft reports on the privacy workshop hosted at MIT by the IAB, W3C, ISOC, and MIT CSAIL in December 2010,9 as well as the smart object workshop hosted on 25 March 2011, in Prague.10

The views and positions documented in the workshop reports are those of the workshop participants and do not necessarily represent the views of the IETF, W3C, IAB, IESG, or ISOC.

On 7 June 2011, the IAB met with the W3C Technical Architecture Group to discuss common architectural issues in security and privacy, as well as ongoing work within the IETF and W3C on real time communications and location.11

On 27 June, the IAB responded to ARIN’s request for guidance regarding draft policy ARIN-2011-5.12

The IAB appointed Ole Jacobsen as IETF representative to the 2012 ICANN Nomcom, and reappointed Thomas Narten as IETF liaison the ICANN Board of Directors.


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The Internet Architecture Board is chartered both as a committee of the IETF and as an advisory body of the Internet Society. Its responsibilities include architectural oversight of IETF activities, Internet Standards Process oversight and appeal, and the appointment of the RFC Editor. See