Words from the IAB Chair

By: Bernard Aboba

Date: March 1, 2012

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With the recent Nominating Commitee (Nomcom) announcement of IAB appointments,1 the IAB welcomes new members Jari Arkko and Marc Blanchet, as well as returning members Bernard Aboba, Ross Callon, Spencer Dawkins, and Hannes Tschofenig. The IAB also expresses its gratitude to outgoing members Olaf Kolkman and Andrei Robachevsky for their service to the community. New IAB members will take office during IETF 83 in Paris.

The IAB also recently announced the appointment of Mary Barnes as IAB executive director,2 succeeding Dow Street, who has served as IAB executive director since March 2008. Many thanks to Dow for his service to the community. In addition, the IAB announced the appointment of Joel Halpern as liaison to the IESG, succeeding Hannes Tschofenig.3

IAB Statement

Recently, concerns have arisen about potential conflicts between interpretations of RFC 1123 and real-world practice with the provisioning of labels in the root zone of the Domain Name System (DNS). While there is work in progress within the IETF relating to this, additional time and effort will be required before RFCs on the subject can be published. So as not to block progress toward the provisioning additional generic TLDs, the IAB has posted a statement entitled “The interpretation of rules in the ICANN gTLD Applicant Guidebook.”4

Smart Objects

The IETF 82 technical plenary topic, “Interconnecting Smart Objects with the Internet,” was organized and introduced by Hannes Tschofenig with featured presentations by Jari Arkko, Robert Assimiti, Fred Baker, Carsten Bormann, and Zach Shelby.5 Jari provided an overview of a recent IAB workshop called “Connecting Smart Objects with the Internet,” including challenges that lie ahead. Robert Assimiti discussed prospects for Smart Object interoperability; Smart Objects and Internet architecture was the basis of a presentation by Fred Baker; Carsten Bormann discussed the importance of removing “Garrulity and Fluff” from protocols to reduce energy consumption; and Zach Shelby described the challenges facing the web as a result of Smart Objects. In addition to the IETF 82 technical plenary on Smart Objects, the IAB approved publication of the Smart Object Workshop Report6 as an Informational RFC within the IAB stream.

RFC Series

With respect to the RFC Series, several important milestones were reached. The IAB announced the appointment of Heather Flanagan as RFC series editor (RSE),7 as well as the reappointment of Nevil Brownlee as the independent submission editor (ISE).8 In addition, “Independent Submission Editor Model”9 was published as RFC 6548 within the IAB stream.

Privacy Programme

The IAB Privacy Programme, led by Alissa Cooper, published “Report from the Internet Privacy Workshop”10 as RFC 6462. In addition, the IAB adopted a draft on privacy terminology,11 as well as one on privacy considerations.12

ICANN Relations

With respect to ICANN relations, the IAB submitted an ICANN performance evaluation.13 It also appointed Peter Koch as liaison to the Domain Name System (DNS) Root Server System Advisory Committee (RSSAC).14

ITU Coordination Programme

The ITU–T Coordination Programme, led by Eliot Lear, has been very active over the past few months, most recently responding to the ITU–T liaison on “Update to the IETF and ITU–T collaboration guidelines.”15

Emergency Services Initiatives

The IAB recently established an Emergency Services Initiative16 led by Hannes Tschofenig. The initiative will seek to improve collaboration between the IETF and governments on next-generation emergency services. It is also tasked with developing liaisons among the IETF, Standards Development Organizations (SDOs), and industry forums working in this area.

Other News

In other news, the IAB announced a Call for Comments on the Internet-Draft, Architectural Considerations of IP Anycast,17 authored by Danny McPherson and Dave Oran. Also, the IAB nominated Olaf Kolkman and Hannes Tschofenig as representatives to the Multi-Stakeholder Platform on ICT Standardization.18


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