We’re Going Digital!

By: Megan Kruse

Date: October 31, 2017

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Much has changed since the first IETF Journal was published in 2005: exponentially more people are online in general, and more people are reading Journal articles online and via social media. The IETF Blog covers many of the organization’s day-to-day updates and Chair reports, items we once relied on the Journal to share. And since the launch of our new website last year, more readers than ever are clicking through to our online version.

Like innumerable print publications before us, we took a hard look at the economics of printing and shipping magazines around the world. And between greater access and less expense, the decision was simple. We look forward to closing our print version and launching ourselves fully into the digital world in 2018.

Our new format will focus on long-form articles—the detailed technical pieces that share the most current work of IETF Working Groups and BoFs. And keeping up with us will be easy. Join us online at https://www.ietfjournal.org and on social media at https://www.twitter.com/IETFJournal and https://www.facebook.com/IETFJournal.

But one thing hasn’t changed… we’re still looking for your contributions from the field! This is still your publication. If you’re interested in writing about your work at the IETF, please contact us at [email protected].

  • Do you have any plans to make the magazine available in electronic magazine stores like Kindle Newsstand or Apple Store?

    • We’re currently evaluating plans to make sure as many people as possible continue to see the IETF Journal articles. We’ll take this under consideration. Thank you!