Message from the IETF Chair

By: Russ Housley

Date: October 6, 2012

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IETF 84 was a well-attended, successful meeting. Approximately 1,175 people from 52 countries came to Vancouver and actively engaged in developing the future of the Internet. It was exciting to see so many people collaborating.

Google was the meeting host, the hotel facilities were very comfortable, and the social on Tuesday evening was both fun and educational. Hyatt Regency Vancouver, Telus, and Verisign were meeting sponsors, and they assisted Google in ensuring the event was successful. Thanks to all for your support.

The first-ever Bits-N-Bites reception was held on Thursday evening. The event, modeled after the North American Network Operators’ Group’s Beer ’n Gear event; it featured exhibit tables for sponsors and free food and drink. Huawei, ICANN, IPSO Alliance, the Internet Society, and Juniper sponsored tables; all sponsors seemed to have visitors throughout the event. Thanks for supporting the first Bits-N-Bites.

Since IETF 83, six working groups (WGs) have been chartered and four have closed. Between meetings, the Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG) approved 112 Internet-Drafts for publication as RFCs. The RFC Editor published 140 new RFCs.

Starting with IETF 84, a new blue-sheet policy was implemented. The blue sheets no longer ask for email addresses; they now ask for organization affiliation to discern among multiple people with the same name. After each session, the blue sheets are scanned and the scans are included in the proceedings for that session. A notice has been added to the top of the blue sheet to alert people that it will become part of the proceedings. After the blue sheets are scanned, they are discarded.

Bernard Aboba, as the IAB Chair, and Russ Housley, as the IETF Chair, signed an affirmation of theModern Global Standards Paradigm. This document and more information about the paradigm can be found at

IETF 85 will take place in Atlanta, GA, USA, on 4–9 November 2012. The North American Cable Industry will be the meeting host. Scheduling information for the upcoming IETF meetings can be found at I look forward to seeing you in Atlanta.