ISOC Fellowship Program

By: Mat Ford

Date: November 27, 2006

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The ISOC Fellowship Program to the IETF, a new program launched by the Internet Society, is making it possible for technologists from developing countries to become more involved in the IETF by attending meetings in person.

The experience proved meaningful. According to Azael, “after having met the people involved in the IETF, the authors of drafts and RFCs, and the relations among the different WGs and the other organisations, it is going to be very useful to reinforce what I do at work, to increase my participation in the mailing lists, and to stimulate myself to write an RFC with others.”

ISOC will issue a call for candidates at least three months prior to each meeting. A small selection committee composed of individuals with extensive knowledge of the IETF will evaluate applicants against selection criteria and make fellowship recommendations. Complete information about the program, including how to apply, can be found here.