IRTF Update – October 2011

By: Lars Eggert

Date: October 6, 2011

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During IETF 81 in Quebec City, Canada, seven research groups held meetings:

  • Delay-Tolerant Networking RG
  • Peer-to-Peer RG
  • Network Management RG
  • IP Mobility Optimizations RG
  • Host Identity Protocol RG
  • Scalable Adaptive Multicast RG
  • Virtual Networks RG

In addition, a first IRTF Open Meeting was held. The purpose of an Open Meeting is to allow interested IETF attendees to get a quick overview of all current IRTF activities and to discuss topics that are of IRTF-wide relevance, such as proposals to form new research groups. It is expected that IRTF Open Meetings will be held regularly during IETF meeting weeks.

The IRTF Open Meeting is also where the awardees of the Applied Networking Research Prize (ANRP) give their invited talks. The ANRP is awarded for recent results in applied networking research that are relevant for transitioning into shipping Internet products and related standardization efforts, and is supported by the Internet Society in coordination with the IRTF. For IETF 81, two ANRPs were awarded. The awardees were Mattia Rossi for his research into reducing BGP traffic, and Beichuan Zhang for his research into “green” traffic engineering. The ANRP selection process for IETF 82 is currently underway, with decisions expected at the end of September 2011. See for details.

Several of the IRTF’s current research groups are nearing the end of their chartered work. These include the Traffic Modeling RG, the Anti-Spam RG, the Host Identity Protocol RG, and the Routing RG. These groups are discussing whether to take on new work or to close. Researchers in the relevant areas are encouraged to suggest topics for potential future collaboration.

On the IRTF RFC Stream, eight new RFCs were published since IETF 80. Six of those RFCs came out of the Delay-Tolerant Networking RG, which has now published the bulk of the experimental DTN specifications and supporting documents. The Routing RG and the IP Mobility Optimizations RG each published one RFC.

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This article was posted on 27 October 2011 .