IRTF Update

By: Lars Eggert

Date: March 1, 2012

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During IETF 82 in Taipei, Taiwan, two Internet Research Task Force research groups (RGs) held meetings: Host Identity Protocol RG and Scalable Adaptive Multicast RG.

On the IRTF RFC Stream, no new RFCs have been published since IETF 81.

For the second time an IRTF open meeting was held at the IETF. The purpose of the open meetings is to allow interested IETF attendees to get a quick overview of all current IRTF activities and to discuss topics relevant to the IRTF community, such as proposals to form new research groups. It is expected that IRTF open meetings will be held regularly during IETF meeting weeks.

In addition, IRTF open meetings serve as the venue where Applied Networking Research Prize (ANRP) grantees deliver their invited talks. The ANRP recognizes recent published results in applied networking research that will transition into shipping Internet products as well as related standardization efforts. It is supported by the Internet Society in coordination with the IRTF. At IETF 82, two ANRPs were awarded: one to Michio Honda for his research into determining the future extensibility of TCP and another to Nasif Ekiz for his analysis of misbehaving TCP receivers. See for details.

Going forward, the ANRP selection committee has decided to move from one nomination/selection cycle per IETF meeting to a yearly nomination/selection cycle covering all of the year’s IETF meetings. This change will not affect the number of ANRPs awarded (roughly one per IETF meeting) and awardees can state a preference as to which IETF meeting they would like to present at during the given year.

The ANRP nomination/selection cycle for a given year will occur during the fall of the previous year. This means that for 2013, the nomination/selection cycle will occur during the fall of 2012. Consequently, the nomination/award schedule for 2012 will be adjusted as follows:

– No ANRPs will be awarded at IETF 83 in Paris in March due to the 2011 holiday season and the short amount of time since the last IETF meeting.

– A nomination/selection cycle to pick awardees for the two remaining IETF meetings in 2012 (IETF 84 in Vancouver, British Columbia, and IETF 85 in Atlanta, Georgia) will be held before IETF 84. Please join the IRTF discussion list to stay informed!