IPv6 Deployment

IPv6, Trust and Identity, Key Themes at IETF 74

Editor's Desk

By: Mirjam Kühne

Date: September 7, 2009

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IPv6 dominated the discussion during several working group and side meetings at IETF 74, culminating in a panel of industry experts and other thought leaders who were brought together to explore the obstacles facing widespread adoption and deployment of IPv6. The discussion is summarized in an article called “The Seven Stages of IPv6 Adoption”.

On a related topic, a BoF (birds-of-a-feather) session looked at a possible solution to the problem of how public IPv4 addresses can be shared among different networks in the event that IPv4 addresses are no longer available to be assigned. A description of that proposal can be found below.

A similarly hot topic these days is trust and identity. In this issue, the IETF Journal talks to the cochairs of the OAuth BoF as well as the author of the OAuth specification. The OAuth specification recently was brought into the IETF.

Also in this issue is a summary of the plenary session, including a review of the panel discussion on multiprotocol label switching and an update on what the IETF can learn from the development and deployment of that protocol.

IETF 74 hosted a number of the Internet Society fellows to the IETF and former fellows, who travelled from developing countries for the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and technical skills through involvement with the IETF and to contribute to the work of the IETF (See here.).

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We extend our thanks to those who contributed to this issue. We wish everyone enjoyable reading, and as always, we welcome both comments and contributions for future issues.