Internet Society, Standards Work Draw ICT Professionals to IETF 79

By: Mat Ford

Date: March 6, 2011

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Four information technology professionals from Africa, Asia, and South America attended their first IETF meeting in November 2010 as part of the Internet Society’s Fellowship to the IETF Programme. Now in its sixth year, the programme, which operates under the aegis of the Internet Society’s Next Generation Leaders Programme, enables Internet technologists from developing regions to participate more fully in the IETF’s standards work by facilitating their attendance at an IETF meeting.

IETF 79 First-time Fellows

  • Odira Elisha Abade (Kenya)
  • Jeronimo Bezerra (Brazil)
  • Khoudia Gueye Sy (Senegal)
  • Yoon-Kit Yong (Malaysia)

IETF 79 Mentors

  • Richard Barnes (BBN Technologies)
  • Randy Bush (Internet Initiative Japan)
  • Ross Callon (Juniper)
  • Marshall Eubanks (Iformata Communications)
  • Cristel Pelsser (Internet Initiative Japan)
  • Atarashi Ray (Internet Initiative Japan)

Returning Fellows

  • Baasansuren Burmaa (Mongolia)
  • João Marcelo Ceron (Brazil)
  • Sandra L. Céspedes (Colombia)
  • Dorcas Muthoni Gachari (Kenya)
  • Fernando Gont (Argentina)
  • Muhammad Haris Shamsi (Pakistan)
  • Pedro Rodrigues Torres, Jr. (Brazil)
  • Carlos Alberto Watson Carazo (Costa Rica)