Internet Society Fellowship to the IETF Programme – March 2017

By: Niel Harper

Date: March 19, 2017

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The Internet Society Fellowship to the IETF Programme supports Internet Society members from emerging or developing economies who have the technical skills and experience to contribute to the work of the IETF. At IETF 97 in Seoul, there were 12 Fellows from 10 countries: Brazil, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Georgia, India, Tunisia, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. The in-person experience of IETF meetings can help promote a stronger understanding of the standardization process, encourage active involvement in IETF work, and facilitate personal networking with others who have similar technical interests.

In Seoul, several Fellows took attendance a step further and demonstrated the value of both the programme and its participants by presenting or participating in Working Groups or other activities.

Harish Chowdhary (India) presented at two Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions: DNSBUNDLED
and another on implementation issues associated with internationalized domain names (IDNs). He also
addressed the Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG) on progress in India regarding IETF-related

Srimal Andrahennadi (Sri Lanka) entered into an agreement for partnership between Sri Lanka and India to develop an Internet of Things (IoT) research programme and deliver training for young IoT engineers.

Eduardo Morales (Brazil) collaborated with Lee Howard, who provided input into updating his IPv6 teaching materials for

Tariq Saraj (Pakistan) participated in discussions in the DPRIVE Working Group regarding the inclusion of authoritative name servers in future drafts. He also presented his thesis to the Working Group chair.

Konstantine Karosanidze (Georgia) received assistance from IETF attendees to deploy the first root DNS server (K root by RIPE-NCC) in Georgia. He also built relationships with Working Group chairs and other individuals who are supporting him with an IXP deployment in Georgia.

Please share this Fellowship opportunity with anyone you think is eligible. Applications open for the next three meetings as follows: IETF 99 (Prague, Czech Republic): Open now; IETF 100 (Singapore): 10 July; IETF 101 (London, United Kingdom): 30 October.

Internet Society Fellows at IETF 97 in Seoul: (top row from left) Habtom Tesfaye (Ethiopia), Eduardo Morales (Brazil), Harish Chowdhary (India), Konstantin Karosanidze (Georgia), Raphael Rosa (Brazil), Ricardo Peláez-Negro (Colombia); (bottom row from left) Niel Harper (Senior Manager, Internet Society), Anissa Bhar (Tunisia), Cristhy Jimenez (Ecuador), Nomsa Mwayenga (Zimbabwe), Xiaohong Deng (China), David Gaamuwa (Uganda). Not pictured: Srimal Andrahennadi (Sri Lanka).