IETF Website Revamp

By: Mat Ford

Date: March 6, 2015

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After input and review by the IETF community on the scope of work, the IETF Administrative Oversight Committee (IAOC) put out a request for proposals to revamp the public-facing IETF website ( Its goal is to provide the IETF with a front door to the information that its users—active IETF participants, new and potential participants, and those looking to learn more about the IETF—need to accomplish their work. Specific goals for the revamp include improving the site’s ease of navigation, accessibility by mobile devices, and content maintenance. The IAOC considered several proposals and selected Torchbox ( to undertake the project.

A key aspect of the project includes engaging the IETF community as the redesign effort progresses. Key milestones and deliverables (e.g., site architecture, technology, wireframes, page design, and content updates) will be reviewed and approved by a committee chosen from IETF community volunteers.

The project will build on input and review from representatives of key audience groups on such topics as how those audiences use the current IETF Web presence, and will employ focus groups and task testing to evaluate proposed changes before they are implemented.