IETF Hackathon Breaks New Ground in Buenos Aires

By: Charles Eckel

Date: July 6, 2016

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The IETF 95 Hackathon in Buenos Aires kicked off what was both the first and an extremely rewarding trip by the IETF community to South America. Roughly 100 participants—a record 10% of the total IETF meeting attendees—arrived before the meeting in order to put their talents to use tackling a diverse set of projects aimed at improving the Internet we rely on every day.

The list of projects and teams included many familiar faces, as well as a refreshing set of new participants and challenges. This was the first Hackathon for approximately one third of the participants, with more than a dozen attending their first ever IETF meeting. Many first timers were from the host country, including from Buenos Aires and Mendoza; there were two participants from Africa, and others from Europe and the United States. See the story shared by one IETF and IETF Hackathon first timer here:

Others firsts for this Hackathon include:

Charles Eckel from Cisco DevNet continues to run the Hackathon in his role as Hackathon chair, and he welcomes Barry Leiba from Huawei as an appreciated and valued Hackathon cochair.

As at previous Hackathons, participants worked cooperatively and tirelessly, producing fantastic results. Each team summarized their achievements in a brief presentation to judges and their peers. Top honors and prizes were awarded for especially brilliant accomplishments, including those of the team, the TLS 1.3 team (see, and the network-based network analytics team. Some teams demonstrated their work at Bits-N-Bites, including the NETCONF/YANG, I2RS, OpenDaylight teams, DNS/DNSSEC/DANE/DNS-over-(D)TLS teams, and the IBNEMO team. All the presentations and results are available at

Following the success in Buenos Aires, the IETF 96 Hackathon this summer in Berlin on 16–17 July, is sure to be the biggest IETF Hackathon ever.

Hackathon Highlights

  • 100+ participants, 30+ new
  • 10+ new IETFers
  • New projects: TLS 1.3, VPP, Big Data
  • Huawei sponsoring entire year
  • Cisco DevNet supporting
  • CodeSprint/Hackathon interworking: PYANG improved, in draft submit tool
  • YANT Pub/Sub client extended – contribute to OpenDaylight
  • 12RS findings discussed in WG
  • Projects on display at Bits-N-Bites
  • Hackathon Proceedings in IETF Datatracker

For more information, see

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