IETF 99 At–A–Glance

By: Chris Harris

Date: October 31, 2017

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Onsite participants: 1204

First-time participants: 199

Number of countries: 61

Hackathon participants: 199

IETF Activity since IETF 98 (26 March–16 July 2017)

New WGs

  • DKIM Crypto Update (dcrup)

WGs closed

  • Domain Boundaries (dbound)
  • Geographic JSON (geojson)
  • ART Area General Applications Working Group (appsawg)

WG currently chartered: 136

New and revised Internet-Drafts (I-Ds): 1388

IESG Protocol and Document Actions: 57

IESG Last Calls issued to the IETF: 70

RFCs published: 76

  • 44 Standards Track, 5 BCP, 6 Experimental, 18 Informational

Notable process updates

RFC Editor Activity since IETF 98 (April–June 2017)

Published RFCs: 64 (1720 pages)

Stable and pretty URLs for errata

Format-related updates

  • Testing existing toolset with non-ASCII chars
  • Testing id2xml (converts .txt to .xml v2)
  • Reviewing required database and script updates related to non-ASCII chars and multiple
    file formats

Current and ongoing activities

  • Publishing RFCs: keep the docs moving
  • Continue testing and sending feedback to tools team regarding XMLv3-related tools
  • Update tools to handle UTF-8 and multiple file formats
  • Draft internal procedures for v3 era as tools become more stable

Work with RSE on rfc7322bis (RFC Style Guide)