IETF 92 At–A–Glance

By: Mat Ford

Date: July 6, 2015

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Participants: 1,176

Newcomers: 172

Number of countries: 57

IETF Activity since IETF 91 (9 November 2014–22 March 2015)

New WGs: 4

WGs closed: 8

WG currently chartered: 139

New and revised Internet-Drafts (I-Ds): 1797

RFCs published: 78

35 Standards Track, 4 BCP, 5 Experimental, 33 Informational

IESG Restructuring

Decisions made include:

Flexible assignment of ADs to WGs (tools)

Flexible definition of areas (RFC 7475)

Additional focus on data models work, routing area

Area-reorganisation for APP/RAI

Various WG moves between ADs and areas

IANA Activity since IETF 91 (November 2014–February 2015)

Processed 1345+ IETF-related requests, including:

Reviewed 96 I-Ds in Last Call and 104 I-Ds in Evaluation

Reviewed 108 I-Ds prior to becoming RFCs,
55 of the 108 contained actions for IANA

Document collaboration with the IETF

RFC 5226bis is in IESG evaluation.

SLA Performance (November 2014–February 2015)

Processing goal average for IETF-related requests: 99.25%


As of 20 March 2015, 679 TLDs have a full chain of trust from the root.

Stewardship Transition

We look forward to successful execution of the plans, while being mindful of continuing work in the names community, and international attention at all levels.

RFC Editor Activity since IETF 91 (November 2014–16 March 2015)

Published RFCs: 79

65 IETF (7 IETF non-WG), 0 IAB, 2 IRTF, 5 Independent