IETF 84 At–A–Glance

By: Henri Wohlfarth

Date: October 6, 2012

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Registered attendees: 1174

Newcomers: 195

Number of countries: 52

IETF Activity since IETF 83 (March–July 2012)

New WGs: 6

WGs closed: 4

WG currently chartered: 117

New or revised Internet-Drafts: 1607

IETF Last Calls: 102

Internet-Drafts approved for publication: 106

RFCs published: 140

– 81 Standards Track and 4 BCP

– 41 Informational and 11 Experimental

IANA Activity since IETF 82 (March–July 2012)

Processed 1366 IETF-related requests, including:

Reviewed 115 I-Ds in Last Call and reviewed 123 I-Ds in IETF Evaluation

Reviewed 105 I-Ds prior to becoming RFCs, 62 of the 105 contained actions for IANA

Processing goal average for IETF-related requests: 87%

Projects and Deliverables

– Phase 1 of integration of tools testing complete, Phase 2 in planning

– XMLization of registries 86% complete

– Added designated-expert names to individual registries

– Implementing improvements to multicast address and media types request forms

RFC Editor Activity since IETF 83 (March–July 2012)

Published RFCs: 150

Internet-Drafts submitted for publication: 142

– 96 IETF WGs

Blue Sheets

New policy implemented

Bits-N-Bites Debut

Modelled after attendance-optional NANOG Beer ’n Gear

Further experiments at IETF 85 planned

Modern Global Standards Paradigm

Affirmed by Bernard Aboba and Russ Housley

Draft available at


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