IETF 77 Plenary Snapshot

By: Mat Ford

Date: June 29, 2010

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The IETF Trust adopted the new Trust Legal Provisions (TLP 4.0) breaking a logjam of almost a year in the publication of independent submissions. Blue sheets are used as physical proof of attendance at IETF meetings.


4plaques.jpgOutgoing IESG/IAB/IAOC Members

Fred Baker
Ross Callon
Gonzalo Camarillo
Stuart Cheshire
Lisa Dusseault
Pasi Eronen
Cullen Jennings
Gregory Lebovitz
Andrew Malis
David Oran
Magnus Westerlund


Incoming IAOC Member

Eric Burger
Incoming IAB Members

Bernard Aboba
Ross Callon
Spencer Dawkins
Andrei Robachevsky
Hannes Tschofenig
Incoming IESG Members

Photo/Peter Löthberg

Stewart Bryant
Gonzalo Camarillo
David Harrington
Peter Saint-Andre
Sean Turner

IAOC Report

2009 Financial Summary

Entered 2009 with serious concern about economy and its effect on our finances
– Planned for downturn with contingency budget
ISOC provided $150K stimulus funds that the IAOC used to lower registration fee
ISOC set aside $350K contingency fund to cover shortfall if needed
2010 Budget

IAOC adopted $5.3M budget
Registration Fee: $635 (steady for 3 years)
Budget includes IETF tools investment of $575K
– Data Tracker extension for Author and WG- Secretariat tools in python-Django- RFC Services
РProgram ManagementPhoto/Peter L̦thberg
RFC Editor Restructuring

New Model
– RFC Production Centre
– RFC Publisher
– RFC Series Editor
– Independent Submissions Editor
Production Centre and Publisher Status

RFC Production Center
– Transition from ISI to AMS completed
RFC Publisher
– Transition from ISI to AMS completed
109 RFCs published since 1 January 2010
Contract Cycles

– Contract extended thru 2010

One year Extension or RFP in 2011
Photo/Peter LöthbergRFC Editor Services Contracts
– Contract with ISI extended through 30 June 2010 to assist with transition
– New contracts in 2010 for Production Center and Publisher
6-year terms with 2-year reviews
Independent Submissions Editor
– 5-Year term with review at 2-year intervals with extension opions
Transitional RSE
– Contract through IETF80
NOC IDIQ Contracts with VeriLan and Swisscom thru 2011
– Extension or new RFP in 2011 for next period IETF 77
IETF Tools Contract Status

Database Project Manager appointed
– Henrik Levkowetz under contract
Three Master Service Agreements executed for IDIQ Python-Django development
– First task order to IOLA for IESG Data Tracker award soon
Working Group and Author Requirement specification development
– Ed Juskevicius under contract
AMS developing Secretariat Tools in python–Django
Additional Task Orders and RFPs forthcoming

Photo/Peter Löthberg Photo/Peter Löthberg Photo/Peter Löthberg

Photo/Peter Löthberg Photo/Peter Löthberg Photo/Peter Löthberg

Photo/Peter Löthberg Photo/Peter Löthberg

Photo/Peter Löthberg Photo/Peter Löthberg

This article was posted on 26 June 2010 .