IETF 77 At-A-Glance


Date: June 1, 2010

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Registered attendees: 1350
Number of countries: 48
New WGs: 11
WGs closed: 6
WG currently chartered: 125
New Internet-Drafts: 521
Updated Internet-Drafts: 1181
IETF Last Calls: 128
Internet-Drafts approved for publication: 146

RFC Editor Actions (November 2009-March 2010)

113 RFCs published of which

53 Standards Track
46 Informational
9 Experimental
RFC Online: 30+ documents were put online
RFC repository rsync: “everything-ftp” now available
110 Internet-Drafts submitted for publication

74 submitted by the IETF WGs
27 submitted by IETF individuals
9 submitted by IRTF, IAB, and independent submissions combined
IANA Actions (November 2009-March 2010)

1400+ IETF-related requests processed
719 Private Enterprise Numbers
65 Port Numbers
47 TRIP ITAD Numbers
81 Media-type Requests
In addition, IANA

Reviewed 92 I-Ds in Last Call
Reviewed 116 I-Ds in IESG Evaluation
Reviewed 107 I-Ds prior to becoming RFC and 59 contained actions for IANA
New BoF Meetings

Descriptions and agendas for all BoF meetings

APP rydeirde Registry Data Escrow/Internet Registration Escrow
RAI e2md E. 164 to Metadata
TSV conex Congestion Exposure
GEN wgdtspec Review of Datatracker Specifications to Support
APP rydeirde Registry Data Escrow/Internet Registration Escrow
This article was posted on 26 June 2010 .