Happy 10th Anniversary, IETF Journal!

By: Mat Ford, Megan Kruse

Date: March 6, 2015

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The very first issue of the IETF Journal was published in October 2005, just prior to IETF 64. Its editor, Peter Godwin, explained in the publication’s first article, “Our aim is to provide an overview of what’s happening in the world of Internet standards with a particular focus on the activities of the IETF Working Groups (WG). While we won’t be able to provide in-depth coverage of every WG, each issue of the IETF Journal will highlight some of the hot issues being discussed in IETF meetings and in the IETF mailing lists.”

Over the past ten years, much has changed in the world of Internet standards, but the goals of the IETF Journal remain the same. We still keep you up-to-date on what’s happening at the IETF, whether you attend meetings in person or via remote participation, whether you’re seeking to get up to speed after missing a few meetings or are just getting started in the IETF space.

The look of the Journal has also remained the same… until now. In celebration of our 10th anniversary, we’ve updated the layout. It’s fresh, clean, modern, and we hope you like it.

Forging ahead, we are committed to upholding the Journal’s original goals, in addition to offering the community a sense of the diversity, breadth, and excitement of the IETF’s thrice-yearly meetings. Most important, we always welcome your thoughts, feedback, content suggestions, and author contributions. Contact us anytime at [email protected]

Happy anniversary, IETF Journal community! We’re so proud to serve you.