Got a hot topic for the IETF? HotRFC is for you!

By: Aaron Falk

Date: June 27, 2018

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“Request for Conversation”, or HotRFC, is a new lightning talk forum for IETF attendees to bring new ideas forward for consideration and discussion. Participants get a few (currently four) minutes to pitch their concept and propose a way of carrying the conversation forward. The goal of the event is to get attention for BarBoFs (IETF’s term for informal topic-focussed meetups), hackathon projects, cross-area topics coming up in a regular IETF meeting, relevant work from outside the IETF, or really any IETF-related topic. The only requirement is that the idea be directly related to the IETF in some form. The session is held on Sunday night (6-8pm) to allow the conversations to continue for the remainder of the week.

HotRFC debuted at IETF 101 in London. (Slides here.) A total of 17 talks covered topics from “QUIC over Satellite” to “A role for Machine Learning and AI in networking” to “Opportunistic DNS“. Presenters were very enthusiastic about the attention their talks received and recommended the event continue.

Proposals for HotRFC at IETF 102 in Montreal can be uploaded to this page, which also has suggestions for an effective lightning talk. Questions about the event can be directed to Aaron Falk.