From the Editor's Desk

By: Mat Ford

Date: March 1, 2012

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Welcome to the IETF Journal from the IETF 82 meeting in Taipei, Taiwan. Our cover article explores background and motivations for a new effort to overhaul the WHOIS protocol, and there’s more coverage of the WEIRDS BoF in our IETF Ornithology column.

Another BoF meeting (multrans) considered the thorny problem of multicast traffic in mixed IPv4/IPv6 environments and IETF 82 attendees had the opportunity to witness a demonstration of IPv6/IPv4 multicast interworking solutions during the meeting.

The IETF 82 meeting was rich with awards for outstanding achievement. You’ll find discussion with the prize winners and details of their contributions.

The Internet Society held a fascinating panel event during the meeting entitled, “Beyond PUT, POST and GET: Application data routing carves its own path.” In addition to observing the importance of Content Delivery Networks to today’s popular Internet applications, the panel discussed work from around the world toward generalising this approach to developing a new networking architecture.

Also in this issue are our regular columns from the IETF, IAB, and IRTF chairs, coverage of hot-topics discussed during plenary meetings, and a brief introduction to the ISOC Fellowship Programme.

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