Focus on Security, Net Neutrality, at IETF 75

By: Mirjam Kühne

Date: September 7, 2009

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This issue of the IETF Journal is especially meaningful for me because it will be my last. After five years as editor, I am moving on to new tasks and challenges. Working with the IETF community on this publication has been one of the highlights of my career. I thank everyone who has helped with and contributed to the IETF Journal during my tenure.

A variety of topics were covered at IETF 75, with IPv6 and the Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) high on the list. As with IETF 74, the Internet Society took the opportunity to organize another highly successful panel, this time devoted to DNSSEC. For meeting host .SE, which has been a pioneer in the area of DNSSEC, the attention to that topic must have been especially welcome.

Also in this issue we talked with Tina Tsou, the first woman to chair an IETF working group from a Chinese business enterprise, and Geoff Mulligan, chair of the IPSO (Internet Protocol for Smart Objects) Alliance. Geoff offers an interesting look at the Internet of Things and how it relates to the deployment of IPv6.

Alissa Cooper and Ted Hardie discuss the history of GEOPRIV, a mechanism that develops and refines representations of location in Internet protocols; and Iljitsch van Beijnum takes us through Multipath Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), which enables TCP to use multiple paths simultaneously and to distribute the load among the subflows of each path based on congestion.

Also in this issue is a summary of the administrative and technical plenaries, including a discussion on network neutrality and what the IETF can do about it.

Many thanks to those who contributed to this issue; I wish enjoyable reading for all. And I look forward to seeing you all again in the future.